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  • Glass Restoration

  • Pro Window Cleaning can perform residential glass restoration that will leave your homes windows appear blemish-free. In many cases there is no need to replace your windows. Residential glass restoration can leave your windows looking brand new at a fraction of the price. Let our professionals work their residential glass restoration “magic” on your home windows.

    Glass windows and doors add class and elegance to any home, but they sure can take a beating. Large picture windows and glass are very expensive to replace. Residential glass restoration will leave your windows looking like the day you bought them and help your wallet out as well.

    Here at Pro Window we specialize in removing hard water stains, mineral staining, effectively remove stage 1 and 2 corrosion, oxidation, mineral deposits, calcium stains, lime stains, soap scum, acidic graffiti, oils, acid rain and many other defects from residential glass surfaces. We have the ability to perform our residential glass restoration services at the ground level. Yet we also have the ability and the equipment to perform residential glass restoration on multiple levels as well.

    For more information on residential glass restoration or to schedule a restoration appointment contact us or give us at 816-920-6943.

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