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  • Insurance

  • Window cleaning is an industry which attracts many part-timers and non-professionals. A legitimate, professional window cleaner will be fully insured. This is an absolute requirement. If you hire a window cleaner who cannot provide a General Liability Insurance Certificate and a Workers Comp Certificate, you are putting yourself at considerable risk for liability should something go wrong. A legitimate professional window cleaner will have an insurance packet in his truck at all times, ready to provide for the customer.

    Other things to consider

    • Is your window cleaner wearing a uniform?

    • Is the truck labeled with the company name?

    • Does the company have a website?

    • Are references available?

    At Pro Window Cleaning Service, L.L.C., we work every day with beautiful individual residences, condominium complexes, prime location office buildings, hotel chains, store chains and other businesses. We therefore have a great responsibility that demands not only top quality service, attention to details and satisfying all your needs – but also it demands the best Insurance policies.

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